Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time Flies

So it has only been five months (or so) since we have updated our blog. We are thinking we will try and update more often, but one never knows. Facebook and busy lives are partly to blame. Aimee and I both joined Facebook about the same time we quite blogging with regularity (not that we were ever that diligent). So most of our social networking needs were met with Facebook. Neither of us is a Facebook fanatic, but with the ability to Facebook on our phones it is easy and convenient. Our lives, like everyone elses' lives are busy.

We have arrived at summer, and now have a little more time to devote to these things. Hopefully we will stay on top of it.

We are headed off tomorrow for the great Family Camp adventure. Every year for the past past six years we have gone camping with friends and family at Shaver Lake. We will leave tomorrow for 7 nights of fun, dirt, and hopefully cooler temps. We spend hours everyday at the lake, take hikes, bike rides, and other adventures. We have a great time with people we really like (oddly at least half the people are our neighboors, but we just can't get enough of them). Of course the kids love the week. There are something like 30 kids that will be at the camp. I love it as well. Aimee lovingly tolerates the dirt and less than first world amenities.

We'll post when we return, I think, but I can not know for sure.


  1. Have an awesome time. Tell the rest of the family that we miss you all. Kids are already asking when we're going back to visit again! tell Aimee to have a great time getting diry! Love you guys!

  2. I'm so glad you guys posted. I am not too diligent either these days. I hope you have a great time camping!